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If you don´t find the stone you are looking for, be it from México, Brazil, Australia, China or any other part of the world, contact us and we may be able to help you to find that special gem. We carry origin of Méxican gemology specimens, from fire opals to fire agate, turquoise, many different kinds of obsidian, Chiapas amber, enhydro quartz crystal, amethyst, and a myriad of other stones native to México.

Chiapas fossil amber
Cabochons for jewelry making
Fire Agate from Aguascalientes
mexican fire opal cabs and rough specimens
Gemstone and mineral specimens
Fossil specimens from around the world

We also carry special items from around the world including display pieces - polished and raw material - the variety is endless! All specimens are hand picked by us, if we don't like it, we won't buy it, which guarantees that you get only the best quality stones available.

Once in awhile we come across unique fossil items as well, including dinosaur bone, ammonite, trilobite. sharktooth, meteorite and fossilized plant life, among others. We always have our eyes open for a good buy or trade that we can pass along to our friends around the globe.

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We also carry fire agate and fire opal raw material in lots, handpicked by our amigos in the mines. Excellent deals for rock dealers and jewelers - email us with your high grade rough specimen wants.

Alot of the polished gemstones that we carry are made into beautiful jewelry. Our friends and artesanos at Casa de Mexico can do just about anything with our stones. We are in México, where the quality of material is high as are the artistic talents that we use. Guaranteed to be the most beautiful handmade jewelry you will find anywhere!

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