Origin of Mexico Stones

Do you have a shop we can visit when we come to Mexico?
Sorry, but we are a cyber-store... everything we have currently in stock is on the internet, we do not have a physical 'brick and adobe' shop and because our inventory is completely cataloged and then stored. We unfortunately cannot give private showing of our stones - think of our website as our online catalog.

Will I receive the same item that I see in the photograph?
Yes, we do not buy stones in bulk - each stone is handpicked from miners and travelers that we deal with on a weekly basics, then designed and cut by our pulidors exclusively for Mexico Gemstones and Aztec Moon.

How long before my order arrives?
Most parcels we ship arrive at their destination in 10 to 21 business days, sometimes a bit longer, especially during Mexican holidays. If it has been 30 days and you have not received your parcel, contact us so we can put a trace on the package. Since 2010, US Customs in conjunction with the TSA has picked certain holiday times to hold all parcels arriving from México for an additional 30 to 90 days without notice (for Valentine's Day or the Christmas season usually). To keep updated on these US blockades check our Facebook page for the latest information.

Do you insure the parcels you ship?
Sorry, no... the Mexican Postal Service (sepomex) does not offer this service, if they did, it might take years for any claim to be processed because of Mexico's paper trail system. Please read our refunding policy on lost or damaged items.

Do you give wholesale discounts?
Since we do not sell in bulk (each item is a unique and 'one of a kind specimen') we cannot offer discounts. But, if you are buying a quantity of inventory for your store we may be able to help in some ways - email us to inquire.

Can you drill a hole in the cabochon I want to purchase?
We cannot drill holes into stones that are already polished. There is too big of a risk factor to causing the stone to chip with their mirror smooth surfaces. Most customers prefer no holes (they believe a hole lowers the value of the stone), but once in awhile we do acquire a few stones that are drilled or have a ridge cut around the outside for wire wrapping, this would be explained in the item's detail description.

Do you sell in quantities?
Each item is a specially handpicked and designed "one-of-a-kind item", unless it specifically says differently in the item's description. Alot of the different specimens we sell are only available until our stock runs out and alot of times we never have that specific item again.

Do you sell Chiapas amber rough by the kilo?
Chiapas amber is very hard to come by and is being controlled by the local indigenous farmers with the guidance of the Zapatistas. You are only allowed to purchase as much as you can carry out in your backpack, foreigners are scrutinized for trying to purchase largew quantities of amber, although deals are sometimes made. Since the hurricanes buried Chiapas in many feet of mud a few years ago, alot of the amber mining areas were buried and only a couple have been able to be safely reopened - thus the need for controlling Chiapas' precious fossil amber.

Do you sell opal in rough by the ounce?
You may find a couple specimens on our site that are only a few ounces in weight. But, we sell internationally by grams, a more universal standard. The smallest quantity lots of rough opal we sell are a little under 1/2 kilo (approx. 15 to 16 ounces) in weight.

I don't have a PayPal account, what other forms of payment do you accept?
You don't have to join PayPal to make your purchases, you can just use your credit card - yes, unfortunately they will pester you into joining, but is is not necessary to make a purchase. The only other forms of payment we can accept are Western Union (this form of payment is a hassle, so unfortunately we have to charge an additional $25.00 fee for this money transfer) and 'bank to bank' wire transfers (which have fees to the paying party from their point of origin - bank). Most Mexican banks cannot process checks or money orders from other countries, so unfortunately at this time PayPal is our only payment option.

       We now accept BITCOIN... info here.

I want to return the rough material I purchased, I didn't get any good stones from the lot?
Sorry, but their are NO RETURNS on rough material of any type - especially opal and fire agate. Each lot we sell has many quality pieces in the lot and if you have experience in cutting the material you will end up with some very nice stones and quite possibly triple your investment - or more. If you want to practice cutting and polishing opal or fire agate, we do offer lower quality rough at times, that is perfect for practicing and you won't spend as much on the raw material while you learn.

What gives? I polished every piece of the rough fire agate you sent and didn't end up with any good stones, they are all junk...!
Fire agate takes knowledge and patience to cut and polish these rare gems. An understanding of how the layers of limonite lay on top of each other; cutting with patience, because fire agate is very hard (a 7 in the MOH hardness scale) and heats up very quickly. If you get it too hot all of the layers of reflective fire will burn and turn dark brown. All of the fire agate rough we sell has many good pieces of fire in them, that is why they cost more than most of the cave sweeping you find being sold regularily on the internet. Our lots of rough are handpicked so you will at least double or triple the value of your investment (if not alot more...) when you polish the stones. Fire agate is not a stone for amateurs.


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