Origin of Mexico Stones


Chiapas Fossil Amber Information
History and basic information about Mexico's Amber market with updates on the current situation in Chiapas regarding Cartel involvement in Mexico natural resources.

Information For Purchasing Fire Opal Rough Material
Good tips on purchasing rough opal material on the internet. (important info you should know before purchasing lots of raw opal stone)

Calvillo, Aguascalientes mine info and important information regarding the purchase and polishing of Fire Agate stones.

2005 México Mineral Postal Stamp Sheet
Dedicated to some of the more popular minerals of Mexico, from Sepomex - México's postal service.

Mineral database and mineralogical reference website, the site contains worldwide data on minerals, mineral localities and other mineralogical information.

Natural History Museum (UK)
A complete recorded meteorite database of 29,285 meteors that have hit the Earth, last updated in 2002.

Rock & Gem Calendar
Show dates for all the major Rock & Minerals shows across the United States.

The Fluorescent Mineral Society
An international organization of professional mineralogists, gemologists, and collectors who study and collect fluorescent minerals.

Current information on mining in Mèxico and daily news from Mèxico's Mining Industry.
(Versiòn en Español)

Glossary of Gemstone and Mineral Terms
A general explanation of Minerology and Lapídary terminology (a work in progress).

Quartz Crystal Information
Examples of many types of quartz and how to clean most quartz pieces you find.

Mat's Minerals
Excellent mining info for Durango and San Luis Potosi in México. Also a nice collection of mineral specimens he has collected over the years.


Gem specimens from MexGems


Unique gemstone and Minerals Gallery, alot of photos and good "how to" information as well.

Smithsonian Institute
Some excellent photos from the National Museum of Natural History collection of rocks and meteorites.

Tozour Family's Fluorescent Rocks
A beautiful collection of fluorescent mineral photography, over 50 pages of images.

Minéraux Fluorescents
Searchable information database of luminescent minerals with over 1,000 photos, the website is in both English, French and Dutch.


  Fire Opal Info

  Queretaro Opal Mines  (coming soon)

  Fire Agate Info

  Obsidian Info

  Mexico's Meteorites

  Amber from Chiapas



  Chiapas Amber Frog - 25 million year old frog found embedded in fossil amber in Chiapas, Mexico. (CNN)

  Kansas Meteorite - Largest meteor found in the US by meteorite hunter. (Wichita Eagle)

  Benny Fenn - Mexican Miner who discovered many rare deposits in his lifetime, from Sonora to Chihuahua - R.I.P.


Rare stone specimen from MexGems


  Rock & Gem Magazine - Gem Treasures Of Mexico - Nov. 1998 (scanned edition in CBR* format). * comic book reader app

  Minerals of Naica, Mexico - Magazine reprint (2010)

  How Do Agates Form? - Excellent Information from Rock & Minerals (2010)

  Cuprian Elbaite - Copper-bearing tourmaline, discovered in Brazil (1988)

  El Tortolito - Account Of Opal Mining Conditions In Mexico (July 1968)

  The Opal Of Queretaro - (July 1979)

  Fire Agate - A Potent Geological Delight (August 1977)

  Fire Obsidian - The Canadian Mineralogist (Vol. 45, 2007)

  South Africa Lapidary Magazine Free Editions - Digital copies from 1968 to 2008 available for download from FOSAGAMS.




  Glossary of Mexico Mining Terms - Very old book with Spanish / English mining terms (1894).

  El Mineral o la Vida. La Legislación Minera en México - The Mineral of Life. Mining Legislation in Mexico [en español] (2011).

  Las Gemas de México - Excellent gemstone information [en español] from Sociedad Geológica Mexicana (2007).

  Turquoise Deposits of Nevada - Nevada Bureau of Mines and the University of Nevada (1968).



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