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At least 60 varieties of minerals can be found in Mèxico, an estimated 1/5 to 1/3 of all silver that has been mined world wide has come from Mexico. Here is just a sampling of some of the outstanding minerals here in Mèxico: danburite, opal, grossular, rhodochrosite, topaz, adamite (the world's best), fluorite, amethyst, rosasite, smithsonite, goethite, turquoise, calcite, onyx, hematite, pyrite, agate, obsidian, malachite, chrysocolla, to name a few.

Mapimi, Durango - has produces the very best specimens of fluorescent adamite as well as nice specimens of hemimorphite and wulfenite. Adamite is found at other localities around the world but few specimens can compete with the best specimens of Mapimi. The Ojuela Mine is the primary source of Mapimi specimens.

Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua - produces beautiful specimens of creedite, calcite, hemimorphite, smithsonite, rhodochrosite and much more. The Potosi Mine in Santa Eulalia is one of the more productive mines in the area in terms of collector specimens.

Naica, Chihuahua - this Northern Mèxico state provides complex crystals of fluorite, sparkling calcite, brassy pyrite and silver colored galena. Naica fluorites are quickly becoming highly prized specimens, they are perhaps the finest examples of cube/octahedron/dodecahedron combination and the rarer cube/tetrahexahedron fluorite available anywhere.

The state of Sonora on the border with the United States just south of Arizona, is also well know for producing many nice mineral specimens. Copper, copper compounds, silver and silver sulfides are abundant here. Tellurates from the mines of Moctezuma are quite unusual, having provided at least seventeen new tellurate minerals to science as well as specimens of many other tellurium minerals.

mexico gem specimensCharcas, San Luis Potosi - is world reknown for it's Danburite the large clear crystals are easily found on the mineral markets. Topaz is also found here and can be quite nice. A variety of grossular known as "Raspberry Garnet" is found in Coahuila and another garnet gem found in Mexico is andradite which forms iridescent green gemstones. Another green gem is olivine and it is mined in the Chavira peridot-olivine mines in Chihuahua.

Tequisquiapan, Quèretaro and Magdalena, Jalisco offer outstanding opal of many different varieties cultivated in pockets in volcanic rocks such as rhyolites and basalts. The states of Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosi are known for their fire agate, with Calvillo in Aguascalientes producing much sought after multicolored fire agates. Colorful rainbow obsidian and other varieties of obsidian are very abundant throughout Mèxico. Amber found in Chiapas and is similar to the Dominican Republic amber. Both are about the same age (roughly 20 - 30 million years old).

The amethyst localities of Vera Cruz and Guerrero produce some of the most unique amethyst specimens. The Vera Cruz amethysts are often doubly terminated, prismatic, attached to matrix or free floating and clear with a pale lavender color. The Guerrero amethyst is much darker in color, prismatic, phantomed, tapering and majestic. Guerrero amethyst is perhaps the most expensive amethyst in the world by weight.





Chiapas Fossil Amber Information
History and basic information about Mexico's Amber market with updates on the current situation in Chiapas regarding Cartel involvement in Mexico natural resources.

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2005 México Mineral Postal Stamp Sheet
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Mineral database and mineralogical reference website, the site contains worldwide data on minerals, mineral localities and other mineralogical information.

Turquoise Information Sheet
A brief information page on many types of Turquoise stone, from Arizona to
Mexico, China and Afganistan.

Natural History Museum (UK)
A complete recorded meteorite database of 29,285 meteors that have hit the Earth, last updated in 2002.

Rock & Gem Calendar
Show dates for all the major Rock & Minerals shows across the United States.

The Fluorescent Mineral Society
An international organization of professional mineralogists, gemologists, and collectors who study and collect fluorescent minerals.

Current information on mining in Mèxico and daily news from Mèxico's Mining Industry.
(Versiòn en Español)

Glossary of Gemstone and Mineral Terms
A general explanation of Minerology and Lapídary terminology (a work in progress).

Quartz Crystal Information
Examples of many types of quartz and how to clean most quartz pieces you find.

Mat's Minerals
Excellent mining info for Durango and San Luis Potosi in México. Also a nice collection of mineral specimens he has collected over the years.


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Unique gemstone and Minerals Gallery, alot of photos and good "how to" information as well.

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Chiapas Amber Frog - 25 million year old frog found embedded in fossil amber in Chiapas, Mexico. (CNN)
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Glossary of Mexico Mining Terms - Very old book with Spanish mining terms.




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