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We ship from the state of Colima on the Pacific side of México, worldwide. At current we use Mexico International Flat Rate (Sepomex) to ship envelopes and at times use MexPost to ship small boxes safely to the U.S. and around the world. You can request delivery by UPS, DHL or FedEx - the price will usually be about 10 to 12 times the cost (for parcels weighing less than 1 kilo) of the regular Mexico Postal Service. On parcels over 1 kilo, it is usually cheaper and safer to ship by alternate carriers like UPS, DHL or FedEx. Our shipping charges are calculated by weight and not by quantity on items purchased.

** Our shipping rates do not include any International Customs charges, these must be paid by the customer (if any) when you receive your parcel.


WE CURRENTLY DO NOT SHIP TO: Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand or the Middle East ** Sometimes our parcels get through with long delays (45 to 60 days) once in awhile, but almost half do not arrive at all. Sorry, most of Asia has been a blackhole for us here in México for many years now.

     ** does not include Japan

Saudi Arabia Customs laws now prohibit most stones and minerals from entering the country without certification, Fossils and raw specimens are prohibited. All polished stones must be declared as "gems" causing for greater import duties to the customer.

     UPDATED 01.01.2016


O V E R C H A R G E S  ( PayPal )
We are very sorry for this inconvenience, Paypal's shopping cart software does not let us configure the shipping by weight or by country - which to save you money we ship by weight and not a set item price. This has caused headaches for us and our clients as well.
We have been waiting for the Mexican banks to be able to offer us direct internet depositing for a few years now, and as soon as we know they can handle it we plan on changing to their proprietor secure direct deposit system. Until then we have to rely on the mediocre services of Paypal here in Mexico.

We know it is an inconvenience overpaying for shipping, and we try to reimburse you for the extra shipping fees charged by Paypal's system as soon as we receive your payment. Please bear with us and hopefully we will be able to make the switch away from Paypal and their antiquated software system sometime in the future (we hope).


N O T I C E -  L O S T   P A R C E L
To protect ourselves from mail theft in Mexico, around the world and a few dishonest customers (unfortunately they are out there) we never put the true value on the customs slip to deter possible thefts.

We have not lost a parcel in four years.. Registered Mail is now mandatory for your piece of mind and the guarantee that your purchase is 100% safe. This currently adds $1.50 to your shipping costs

Parcels usually take between 12 and 25 days to arrive to their destination from Mexico, and sometimes (for reasons only US Customs and Mexico's Aduna know) a few parcels have taken 30 to 45 days to arrive to certain destinations - this fortunately occurs very rarely.

     UPDATED 03.01.2015


We now accept Bitcoin! Email us your order and let us know what currency you prefer (US dollars, UK pound, EURO, Mexican peso, etc.) to make the Bitcoin transfer and we will email you back with a request to deposit to us. More information can be found here.

BTC: 1FQpyhik7eEUntgGBzc8at9SjbQRTGbLaZ


R E T U R N S  /  R E F U N D S
If your purchase needs to be returned you must first contact us within 3 days of receipt of your parcel and then promptly ship the item(s) back to us within 7 days of receipt. You must ship the items back in their original package and pay all shipping costs to us here in México. Once the parcel is received and contents inspected we will have PayPal refund * the purchase price for the item.

We Do Not Accept Returns On Rough Opals, Fire Agate or Specimen Purchases.
Your skills as a lapidarist will dictate the quality you produce from our rough material, all of our raw stone lots are high grade - unless otherwise stated.

Refunds Cannot Be Made On Raw Specimen Purchases

* If an item is damaged please send us a digital image (photo or scan) of the damage before returning - we may offer a discount or partial refund if you would still like to keep the damaged item.

Refunds for missing parcels take 60 days to complete the postal tracking return system, this allows the parcel or Registered Mail card time to be returned to us here in México. A full refund (except for shipping charges) will be made AFTER the 60 day period, from the day the parcel was shipped - NO EXCEPTIONS.

RETURNS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR REASONS SUCH AS: "the color does not match my clothes", "it was not what I had envisioned", "it is smaller than I imagined", "I was expecting something different", etc..." we list all sizes, weights and use good un-retouched photos to represent the product, usually photographed in sunlight (unless the description says otherwise) - every item we sell is handpicked, we do not buy in bulk, what you see and what is in our description is exactly what you receive and 99% of our clients have been happy with their purchases since 2002.

ITEM SPECIALS: No returns for "Specials" items. These items are discounted because of flaws in the item, which are fully disclosed in the advert.

If you ship back the parcel without contacting us first, we are not obligated to refund your purchase price. We are not the US, we sell Internationally and with more than one country involved in a transaction, common courtesy is the expected rule.

* 20% restocking fee for 'non-damaged' return items.

S H I P P I N G   C H A R G E S              (All Items Shipped Via Mexico)
Weight (by grams)
N.America, Central Am. Carribean
S.America & Europe
Rest Of The World
0 - 250
250 - 500
500 - 1,000 (1 kilo)

1 Kilo and over... (email us for a price quote - a kilo or more can be shipped by an alternative carrier which may or may not be cheaper than the standard Mexican Postal Service.) Available varriers include: UPS, FedEx, DHL (preferred) and other carriers available.

It is now MANDATORY for all items that we ship to be sent via "Registered Mail" (requiring a signature). This is the only way we can guarantee your parcel will reach its destination safely.



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